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This Amazing Machine Is Now For Sale!

All This Aircraft For Only £13500! £8500!

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Original UK aircraft.

Single seat Gyroplane with Bensen blades and watercooled Rotax 532 engine.

Built 1987.  Total hours on airframe - 143hrs.  Engine - 136hrs.


De-coke completed at 112hrs.

Both ignition coils renewed.

Skydrive carb heaters fitted. 

Full instrument pack and comes with all paperwork and log books etc.

Lovely machine to fly and comes complete with custom trailer with fitted blade box.

Requires UK re-registration and permit to fly.

Genuine reason for sale.
Currently hangared in Northumberland.

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Brief Summary / History

G-BOWZ was purchased in June 2012 and shipped to Thailand where I was living at the time and working on assignment in the oil and gas industry.
She was UK de-registered, all the CAA paperwork is present, and arrived in Thailand which was to be her new home. The plan was to tidy her up a bit and prepare for flying once I had completed training in the dual seat machine (MTO Sport) owned by my instructor.
We planned to take a few bits off and do a bit of a tidy up but as we got more carried away so more bits came off and one Saturday morning we just decided we would go the whole hog and completely refurbish and overhaul the whole machine.
What ensued in the following months became an obsessive labour of love and needless to say we were well pleased with the final result.
On completion, U-B40, as she became with her Thailand call sign, was inspected by Tony Melody, one of the top UK Gyro men in the counrty, who also was a regular visitor to Thailand and also the Thai CAA who were satisfied that the aircraft was fit to fly and issued the C of A certificate.

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A new dash panel was fabricated  and carbon fibre wrapped to accomodate extra instruments purchased which include:
> Compass
> Altimeter
> Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI)
> M760 Radio
> T2000 Transponder
> Exhaust Gas Temp Gauge
> Engine Tachometer (RPM)
> Water Temp Gauge
> Airspeed Indicator (ASI)
> Rotor RPM Gauge and Flight log recorder
> Fuel Gauge
The 5 empty holes are now filled with switches for the landing light, strobe lights, ignition switch, power switch and fuse holder.
All the fixing bolts are new stainless steel to give an overall aesthetic effect and continuity.

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The Gyrocopter comes with a custom built trailer and blade box.

The trailer was stripped down and sand blasted back to bare metal.
Primed with an antirust coating used in the oil and gas industry to protect subsea structures.
Painted silver with blue mudguards.
Suspension units were replaced with new bolts.
New wheel bearings tyres and tubes were fitted to the refurbished wheel hubs.
New winch hook and strap fitted.
Towing hitch lock and trailer board with electrics.

Everything done!

The engine fired first time and was trouble free so apart from checking the contact breaker points, which the Rotax 532 has fitted, all was well with the engine. That left us to concentrate on the airframe. The tail section had already been lowered professionally by Peter Lovegrove and is also documented. This modification lowered the centre of gravity to give the gyroplane more stability and avoid ‘porpoising’.

All components of the airframe were removed, cleaned, degreased, checked and sent off for electroplating then reassembled. The complete strip down and rebuild was photographically documented and all photographs are available.

The cockpit pod originally had a fibre glass integral fuel tank which leaked fuel...not good. After numerous attempts at fibre glass repairs we finally opted to cut out the integral tank and replace it with a custom made stainless steel tank which has a 30 litre capacity, a sender unit and dash mounted fuel gauge.
I have two complete albums of photos of the strip down and the rebuild to record the mammoth amount of work carried out on this aircraft with no expense spared.
There is too much to list on this site what comes with this machine but here goes:

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Full restoration with all components of the airframe electroplated.
Tail section professionally lowered. (Documented)
Pod, tail section and wheel spats repainted.
Strobe lights and landing light.
New bearing in rotor head.
PTT incorporated in stick.
Rotor tie.
Custom made seat cover and pod cover.
Stainless steel 30 litre fuel tank.
Custom Paint Job.


Integral helmet.
2 x plastic 5 gal fuel containers.
Spare 6061 T6 grade aluminium sections.
ICOM IC A24 Radio c/w Desk Charger. (Used as ground radio)
Spare Fuel Filters
Spare contact breaker points and Spark plugs.
Air Filter Service Kit.
Transponder and Radio spares.
Propellor Protractor Kit.
Wixey Digital Angle Gauge and Level.
Numerous Gyro Books inc Cosgrove and Gyrocopter handbooks as well as flight log and service books.

Basically, what you are getting in this package is everything I have accumulated in the last five years to do with Gyros, including of course the fantastic Benson Gyrocopter. I have spent well over £20000 buying, renovating and improving this aircraft.
Circumstances in my life have changed and I can no longer see me finishing my training and take to the skies in my gyro. I have struggled with the decision to sell for over a year now and after long discussions with my wife, we feel it is time to let go and let someone else enjoy the privilege of owning and flying this superb machine.
I have looked into re-registering her in the UK and it it just a matter of completing some forms for the CAA and paying a £68 fee. I have had the forms completed and ready to send but held back because of the uncertainty of my decision to sell. I have not researched the procedure for a permit, but since the last inspection she has only done a test flight and a few short hops in Thailand carried out by Tony Melody. There should be no issues obtaining a permit to fly.
There is a lot more history and information to share with a new owner face to face as there will be a lot of questions which is usually the case when people see her for the first time.
The original call sign is G-BOWZ and this will be the UK re-registration.

I have uploaded a selection of photographs from both the 'strip down' and the 'rebuild' projects. Although there are many more, which will be included in the sale, I have selelcted a few of each to give an idea of the extent of the work which has been carried out.

There is also a short video clip of Tony Melody doing runway hops!

In Conclusion

I have attenpted to list as much as I can on this basic website but whenever I leave the site I think of something else that could be added. So with that in mind I will leave it at that and if you have any questions please send them to the email address I have provided and I will do my best to answer them.

Apologies but the above email does not work...please use the one below.

If you prefer to speak on the phone, you can leave a contact number and I will call you as soon as I am able. Please be patient as I have varied work patterns and may not always be immediately available. Hence the email contact.

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my website and if you are fortunate enough to become the new owner of this marvelous aircraft, I have no doubt it will be a source of immense pleasure for you as it has been for me.